80 Health Myths Busted: Live the Truth

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Reality : Unlike your Grandad's sailboat, most passenger ships, large or small, are equipped with stabilizers that take almost all of the motion out of the ocean. Unless you are cruising in very rough seas, you are likely to forget you are even afloat. However, if you get sick easily, there are still options: book a cabin in the middle of a deck and lower in the ship, at the ships natural balance point; bring seasickness medication or wristbands, or visit the ship's clinic. Myth 4: Cruises are expensive and you probably can't afford it.

Reality : Tons of affordable options exist for the frugal cruiser. Contemporary lines like Royal Caribbean and Carnival tend to be cheaper than their luxury counterparts, but offer no shortage of perks. What turns a relatively small price tag into a larger one is onboard extras like gambling, drinking, spa treatments, shore excursions, and specialty dining.

Big Fat Myths: 14 Weight-Loss Myths Busted

To make the most of your budget, don't book directly. Instead use a travel agent that can turn you onto the latest exclusive deals, onboard credits, bonus freebies, and more. Myth 5: Cruises make you fat.

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Reality : One of the biggest and longest-standing cruise myths is that you'll gain a ton during your trip. This likely has to do with the incredible variety and availability of inexpensive food buffets that have been ubiquitous aboard cruise ships since the beginning. While it's true that there are plenty of low-cost options, most cruises also offer high-end dining options as well as health-conscious choices.

Plus, it is not uncommon to see passengers hitting the gym, swimming laps in the pools, or jogging around the onboard track to keep the pounds off.

Biggest 9 credit score myths busted - the facts about your report

Myth 6: All cruise cabins are the same Reality : These days, cruise lines offer a whole host of lodging options. From the simple and compact inside cabin usually the cheapest , to the grand and stately suites and havens most expensive , there is a room for every budget and taste. Also, there is some variability within classes of rooms. When considering a booking, have your travel agent check on different floor plans and locations within the ship. The same type of room can be very different depending on how high within the ship it is located think balconies , as well as proximity to things like kids clubs, bars, or nightclubs.

Myth 7: Cruise ships are only for older people who enjoy casinos and buffets.

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  • Reality : Many cruise lines are known for a specific demographic of clientele party vs. The truth: Runners trying to slim down often try to cut out all indulgent foods — but eventually, this approach usually backfires. But how has that happened? Well, the truth is that a low-fat or reduced-fat item may have nearly as many calories as a higher-fat version, because ingredients like sugar often replace the fat to make the product taste better, says Dorfman.

    Plus, low-fat foods can still contain unhealthy saturated or trans fats — both of which may increase your risk of heart disease.

    The researchers concluded that low-fat labels like those on biscuits and fruit-flavoured yoghurts cause people to underestimate calorie consumption, increase the amount we eat, and temper the guilt of polishing off a box of reduced-fat biscuits. The truth: Many runners opt to eschew weights for cardio — a bigger calorie burner.

    But Vazquez, who lost 4st 9lbs with the help of strength training, says runners who want to slim down need to pump iron. Plus, cutting calories can lead to losing lean body mass, and weight lifting helps preserve muscle, which is more metabolically active than fat.

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    In fact, studies suggest strength training may boost resting metabolic rate by as much as seven per cent. A study found that as little as 11 minutes of weight training three times a week will boost daily energy expenditure. The truth: Plenty of runners spend far too much of their gym time trying to spot-reduce fat.

    You know, the ones doing a zillion crunches in pursuit of rock-solid abs or banging out hundreds of reps on the inner and outer thigh machines to melt away stubborn fat pockets. But they are wasting their time and considerable efforts — the plain truth is the only way you can spot-reduce is with liposuction.

    He adds that by over-exercising one area of your body, you raise the risk of suffering an injury. He suggests targeting a particular body part no more than three times a week, and focusing on a balanced full-body program. The truth: Running for an hour straight is a great calorie burner and will undoubtedly help runners shed pounds. But you might actually accrue more fitness and fat loss by occasionally breaking that hour-long workout into two half-hour runs or three minute sessions, says kinesiologist Greg McMillan, an online coach at mcmillanrunning.

    McMillan often prescribes same-day split sessions to help his clients overcome time constraints and boredom, and accumulate the same training volume with less injury risk. He suggests doing a steady-pace, moderate-intensity run for one session and a more intense calorie burner, like interval training or hill running, the second time.

    Renewable Energy Myths

    Conversely, try a high-intensity morning run followed by an after-work weight-training session. The truth: In theory, because your blood sugar and muscle carbohydrate levels are low after an overnight fast, running before breakfast forces your body to use fat as its main fuel. But this has its downsides. Not only do muscles prefer to run on carbs, but so does your brain.

    The best option? Stoler suggests fueling up with to calories of easily digestible carbs like fruit juice, yogurt, or dried fruit about 30 minutes before starting a morning workout. Then there are those who put on weight more easily or carry extra pounds in certain areas. The lesson? The truth: Many people think maintaining weight loss is easier than losing it in the first place. While that might be true to a point, a study in the Archives of Internal Medicine proves you have to be diligent if you want all that hard flab-blitzing work to keep paying off.

    The researchers discovered that overweight subjects who had slimmed down over two years required an average of 40 minutes of exercise per day just to sustain a loss of 10 per cent or more of their initial body weight. And that was in addition to paying close attention to what they ate. Those who committed less time to sweating it out, or none at all, were more likely to be back where they started sooner or later.

    Will you recognise your heart attack?

    Take a long-term view. Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories. What to buy the runner in your life for Christmas. When to start spring marathon training. Should you go running when you've got a cold?