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And I get that what you or rather Meaningness seems to be putting forth, that meaning is created by the interplay between to things existing, and that meaning changes constantly which it does , so that there always IS meaning in existence, and its created by the interplay between to existence structures.

But I think that existentialism tries to go beyond the meaning of akin a sandwich, or the meaning of going to war. Making a sandwich? Thats the meaning of existence for you!

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Raising a family? Aside from this. I can absolutely see how it would keep one out of a depression that could lead to suicide.

Its a meaning making machine. If you always have a meaning in life, you always have a reason to keep living and never no reason not to end it.

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So in that respect, as a method to create emotional investment in life, its a wonderful solution. Without a sincere amount of responsibility, existentialism is as dangerous as Nietzsche warned. Throughout reading this article, I wanted to say intersubjectivity is the space in between subjectivity and objectivity. This will undoubtedly lead to confusion, but until we have a better term….

We can extrapolate meaning from unintended sources I think of the profound meaning I have derived from misheard Radiohead lyrics and we can try to anticipate meaning by projecting into the future and directing our lives toward fulfillment. Interesting but I do not really see where he is doing something particularly new.

Much of these ideas are already pretty foundational social theory.

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Cultural sociologists and ethnomethodologists heavily influenced by phenomenology already study such things. The results of the thought experiment are chuckle-worthy to say the least.

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Loved This Discussion Have a comment? Jordan 3 October 18, I am very interested in this idea of "Meaningness" fixing some of existentialism's problems, but what then would you call that space in between? A new "ism" for study. Jordan Bates 4, A October 18, Chapman is a Buddhist scholar as well and therefore holds that the boundary between the "subjective" self and the "objective" external world is much more nebulous and permeable than we typically believe.

Fintan O’Toole: We should imagine the abyss so we don’t fall into it

Here's a passage on the book being non-religious and non-philosophical: "My approach in this book is non-religious and non-philosophical. It's really accessible actually, and Chapman can explain himself much better than I can paraphrase him. Svyatogor 0 October 19, I feel that this "Meaningness" has much similarity to the idea of "Quality" which was introduced by Pirsig in his famous book "Zen and the art of maintaining a motorcycle".

Jordan Bates 4, A October 19, If I find something meaningless, I'm experiencing meaningness. If I find something meaningful, I'm also experiencing meaningness. Pirsig's "Quality," in my understanding, refers only to the meaningful, not the meaningless. Hey Jordan, I am struggling to make sense of this definition you are arguing for Could you please elaborate, with a slightly greater degree of specificity, how you understand "meaningness" as distinct from "quality"?

And also, with regards to what you say about Chapman's accomplishment of articulating something 'non-philosophical', do you not feel that that is perhaps an exaggeration? Philosophy, etymologically, denotes the love of or movement towards truth; the drive to secrete "meaningness" into, or extract "meaningness" out of, the world we find ourselves in. Do you not feel that Chapman's work is a continuation of such efforts, or do you really believe he has transcended it all and touched upon something solid and inviolable?

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If so, doesn't that make his work religious, to the extent that it is a closed dialogue and dogmatic in its assertion of completeness? In my view, 'Philosophy' denotes any effort to make sense of, and optimally interact with, all that we are confronted with, and this is something that everything in our experience, collectively and individually, can be assistive in. Contemporary western academic philosophers should not be conflated with Philosophy itself, which is a pan-human instinct and endeavour that profits, in some way or other, from every speculation and every action with a view to improving our 'being in this world'.

The idea of a sort of "arising meaning between the dance of objective and subjective" sounds exactly like a description of phenomenology. I haven't read anything on it though, so I very well could be dead wrong. Absurdity was actually in response to the existentialist solution of "theres no meaning in life? I know Nietzche thought so though The simple answer is to really care, but the problem with that, is people who do more harm than good often think they care, too. So we need something a little more specific.

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So think about it in terms of avoid the commonest mistake in trying to empathise: being judgemental. And yes, those actions may include offering helpful advice. And yes, I learned this the hard way. The best part about all this, though? The more we make the effort to connect, whether we do it well or not, the more richly human we become.

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Originally published at DocAyomide. Sign in. Get started. One may, for example, be asked to participate in a drill while imagining that one is playing in the upcoming championship. He thinks that one will obviously be imagining an empty, immaterial extension. It is simply the avowal of introspection, just as one might report imagining anything else visual, tactile, or auditory. The authors strip away these layers, without ever imagining that they will get to an unproblematic core.

The left hemisphere may be needed to attend to, or generate, self-action; this explains left lateralization for apraxia, imitation of another, and imagining self-action. In fact his ideas on the nature of nations and democracy had been established whilst imagining the future of the empire, not its end.

He was also less capable than they were of imagining that the rupture caused by the revolution could be undone.


What are moral philosophers imagining as the social realization of the views they propose and defend? Browse imaginatively. Test your vocabulary with our fun image quizzes. Image credits.

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