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Noch heute leben hier Diakonissen-Schwestern. Van de Veldes ehemalige Kunstschule mit Bauhaus-Atelier und die ehemalige Kunstgewerbeschule wurden zum Staatlichen Bauhaus Weimar vereint. In ihrem Entwurf reagierten die Architekten auf Fragen des Klimawandels und setzten konsequent auf den Einsatz erneuerbarer Energien.

Was bedeutet das Bauhaus heute?

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Warum ist dieses Dekor verschwunden? Und warum reduziert der kunsthistorische Kanon die Moderne auf die puristischen Gestaltungsprinzipien von Werkbund und Bauhaus? Was bleibt? Wo sollten wir uns klar von ihm distanzieren?

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Wir laden dazu ein, unter bauhaus Bilder und Statements zum Bauhaus, zu aktuellen Themen, Fragestellungen und Veranstaltungen rund um das Bauhaus mit der Welt zu teilen. Was gerade gepostet und getwittert wird, ist hier zu sehen. Javascript ist deaktiviert! Bitte aktivieren Sie Javascript in Ihrem Browser. Der Blick aufs Bauhausjahr Ab jetzt: Zukunft! Zum Beitrag. Mehr erfahren. Zum Artikel. Zum Interview.

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Orte der Moderne Zeigt einen anderen Ort an. Stadtbibliothek Hannover Die hannoversche Stadtbibliothek mit charakteristischem Magazinturm und markanter Ziegelfassade ist ein typisches Beispiel des sogenannten Backsteinexpressionismus. Beckerturm St. Kommende Termine Children spent Department for Health and Human Sciences. Only 0. Discussion: Overall, According to our data, the achieved MVPA is mainly due to leisure time activities, whereas the potential of school and physical education in providing and promoting PA has apparently not been fully exploited yet.

However, the mechanisms of parental influence are still poorly However, the mechanisms of parental influence are still poorly understood. Via a digital questionnaire the students indicated if they are active at least 60 minutes a day, if their mother and father is physically active on a regular basis and if they are active together with their parents. Results: A multivariate ANOVA revealed that children reported higher PA rates, more intense attitudes and higher subjective norms towards PA when the father was physically active and when being active together with their parents.

However, the perceived behavioral control was higher when children indicated that their mother was physically active. Discussion: As expected, results suggest that the reported PA of parents are related to the self-reported PA of children, and furthermore to the different constructs of the TPB. Especially fathers seem to be an important role model regarding PA, attitudes and subjective norms toward PA. Background and purpose: Due to the continuous decrease of physical activity PA of people in industrialized countries Kohl et al.

Studies show that most people tend to overesti-mate their habitual PA Skender et al.

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Methods: Data of 75 students 38 girls and 37 boys, 10 to 18 years of various primary and sec-ondary schools were randomly included in the study. Habitual PA was assessed through an online self-report questionnaire Schmidt et al. A multiple regression analysis was used to ana-lyze the impact of age and gender on the accuracy of PA estimation.

Conclusions: Overestimation of PA is common not only among adults but also among children and adolescents. However, this misperception appears to be independent of age and gender, at least in the age group considered here. Future studies should examine further demographic and psychological variables in order to explain why most of the people significantly overestimate their habitual PA. Research in line with the trans-contextual model highlights the support of perceived autonomy in PE as a significant predictor for self-determined PA behavior in a leisure-time LT context Hagger et al.

However, the impact of competence and relatedness support still remains unclear. Therefore, the present study aimed to investigate the role of support during PE, differentiated into three basic needs for behavioral regulation in PE and LT. It was expected that, in addition to perceived autonomy, competence and relatedness would be relevant predictors.

Method: students girls from Luxembourg, ranging from 11 to 21 years, participated in the study. With regard to the theory of planned behavior Ajzen, , the attitudes, perceived behavioral control, and intentions toward PA were assessed Hagger et al. Results: A SEM analysis showed that competence support in PE was the major predictor for self-determined behavior in PE, while perceived autonomy produced mixed findings.

Relatedness support had a negative effect on external regulated behavior in PE. In accordance with the assumptions of the trans-contextual model, similar behavioral regulations in PE and LT were found. Furthermore, a more self-determined behavior in LT predicted higher attitudes, subjective norms, and perceived behavioral control towards PA, which increased the intention of doing sports.

Further intervention programs may focus on improving the perception of competence during PE in order to increase motivation. In addition, these findings underline the importance for future research to consider the different roles of perceived support of competence, autonomy and relatedness in PE. Basic motor competencies in German: Motorische Basiskompetenzen; MOBAK are performance dispositions empowering children to participate in the movement culture.

For the diagnosis of basic motor Vonuljon vissza egy csendes helyre! Source: Freundin German to Hungarian: Magazin. It is believed that Gaia is the soul of our Earth. Gaia is also known as Mother Earth, or just Earth itself. We are connected to her with every fiber of our being, we are reliant on her to live The angel on this card reflects a sadness you feel or may experience in the coming weeks due to an ending of some sort perhaps your child is starting school or leaving home, or you're finishing a project or moving to a new area.

Some of you however will be happy because you've been waiting for this ending so that new adventures can begin. Either way, new beginnings are in store for you, brighter and lighter than ever.

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There is a hidden gift attached to this event. When the timing is right you will receive a precious gift, either in the form of positive news or an unexpected turn of events in your favor perhaps long after you've given up hope. Meantime be aware of the love that surrounds you and allow it into your heart and trust.

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The Universe is guiding events to unfold in a way that is for your greater good. She suggests you do the same. There is a situation you are either worried about, or trying to make a decision about. It's time to disconnect because you are too close to see things clearly. Stop focusing on this situation for a while - let go - relax, dance around the living room, take a walk, meditate, have fun. In letting go and forgetting, a solution will come to you when the time is right. It will feel like a flash of inspiration, or idea - it will occur when you are not thinking about the situation. All will be well.

Your persistence is about to pay off.


Know that you deserve all the success that is coming your way. Thank the Earth and Universe for this blessing in the knowledge it has been co-created with higher powers. Then re-focus on the task at hand. Don't lose sight of your original purpose and intention.

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