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Later, Towns finds out that Stringer's job is designing model aircraft , not real, full-scale ones. Afraid of the effect on morale, he and Moran keep their discovery secret, though they now believe Stringer's plan is doomed. However, they turn out to be wrong. The aircraft is reborn, like the mythical Phoenix. It flies the passengers, strapped to the outside of the fuselage, to an oasis and civilization.

The remake featuring Dennis Quaid was also based on the novel, although it was re-located to the Gobi Desert in Asia. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is about the novel. For other uses, see Flight of the Phoenix disambiguation. This article needs additional citations for verification.

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His character Dorfmann morphs from a mysterious -and possibly sinister- figure to the group's savior. Although it is mostly tacit, there is an underlying sense of anti-German sentiment amongst the other survivors. Stewart, as Towns, refers to Dorfmann as a Kraut in one scene. Remember this was just 20 years after the war, and watching your friends and comrades die is a difficult thing to forget.

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Wisely though, the scrip doesn't turn Dorfmann into a saint. He is arrogant and callous, but also brilliant. When his ego gets bruised he pouts and refuses to work on the plane.

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If he's making it into a virtue, you're making it into a bloody science! James Stewart was 57 at the time and in his waning days as an above the title star. He was still lean and wiry with those piercing light blue eyes. His stuttering drawl becoming more pronounced over the years and his characters less likable. His Towns is every bit as cantankerous as Eric said. Finch's Capt. Harris is noble and therefore suffers the most, while Kennedy gets only a handful of lines. Duryea's character is the one who gives the rebuilt plane its name.

He paints The Phoenix on its side, a stroke of whimsy in a dire situation. Airplane aficionados appreciate this movie on a more technical level.

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They can tell you exactly what types of aircraft were used in every scene. They are a big reason why The Flight of the Phoenix has developed a cult following over the years. The best scene in the entire movie is the big reveal about Dorfmann's true occupation. It concerns the making of airplanes and it provides a big laugh in the middle of this otherwise very tense movie. US Release Date: Eric :. Patrick :. Average Stars: Avg:. Without any other choice, however, they decide to forge ahead with the plan. Just as the water supplies are exhausted, the Phoenix is completed.

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Only seven starter cartridges are available for the engine, and the first four startup attempts are unsuccessful. Towns decides to fire the fifth cartridge with the ignition off, to clear the engine's cylinders, which he does over Dorfmann's strenuous objection. The next startup is successful. The men pull the Phoenix to a nearby hilltop and climb onto the wings. When Towns guns the engine, the Phoenix slides down the hill and along a lake bed before taking off.

After landing at an oasis with a manned oil rig, the men celebrate and Towns and Dorfmann are reconciled. The flying sequences were flown by Paul Mantz , co-owner of Tallmantz Aviation , filling in for his partner Frank Tallman , who had injured his leg. He was performing touch-and-go landings , and on one touchdown the fuselage buckled. The movie model broke apart and cartwheeled, killing Mantz and seriously injuring stuntman Bobby Rose on board. With the canopy removed, a set of skids attached to the main landing gear as well as ventral fin added to the tail, it sufficed as more-or-less a visual lookalike.

It appears in the last flying scenes, painted to look like the earlier Phoenix P The final production utilized a mix of footage that included the OA, the "cobbled-together" Phoenix and Phoenix P The final credit on the screen was, "It should be remembered The film opened in selected theaters on December 15, , with a full release in Bosley Crowther of The New York Times dismissed it as "grim and implausible", [6] while Variety praised the film as an "often-fascinating and superlative piece of filmmaking highlighted by standout performances and touches that show producer-director at his best.

Aldrich says the film previewed well and everyone thought it was going to be a big hit but "it never took off" commercially. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article's further reading may not follow Wikipedia's content policies or guidelines.

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