Manual of The Mother Church (Authorized Edition)

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Seven First Members shall constitute a quorum for transacting Church buiii- ness. The Bible, and the above-named book, with other works by the same author, must be his only text- books for self-instruction in Christian Science, and for teaching and practising metaphysical healing. This Church will receive a member of another Church of Christ, Scientist, but not a church-member from a different denomination, until that membership is dissolved. Chil- dren who have arrived at the age of twelve years, who are invited by, or whose applications are coun- tersigned by one of Mrs. Eddy's loyal students, by a First Member, or by a Director, may be admitted to membership with the Mother Church.

Article VIII. Students of the College. Other Students. Eddy, can unite with this Church only by invitation and recommendation from students of Mrs. After which, the unanimous vote of the First Members that are present at the meet- ing, shall admit said applicant to membership.

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Addressed to Clerk. All applications for membership must be addressed to the Clerk of the Church. Article IX. Pupib of Normal Students. One nor- mal student cannot recommend the pupil of another normal student, so long as both are loyal to their Teacher, and to our Text-book. Members of Mother Church.

Every recommen- dation shall be countersigned by one of Mrs. Eddy's loyal students, by a Director of this Church, or by a First Member. The candidates shall be elected by a majority vote of the First Members present. Article X. Pfcr Capita Tax.

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Every member of the Mother Church shall pay annually a per capita- tax of not less than one dollar, which shall be for- warded each year to the Church Treasurer. Church Periodicals. It shall be the privi- lege and duty of every member who can afford it, ta subscribe for the periodicals which are the organs of this Church; and it shall be the duty of this Church to see that these periodicals are ably edited, and kept abreast of the times. Eddy, but who have either voluntarily withdrawn, or were expelled therefrom, may be received into this Church on one year's probation, provided they are willing and anxious to live according to its require- ments, and make application for membership ac- cording to its By-Laws.

If, at the expiration of said one year, they are found worthy, they shall be received into full membership, but if not found worthy their applications shall be void. Those Without l ecommendation. Any person desiring to unite with this Church who is unable, owing to unusual and justifiable circum- stances, to furnish the recommendation of a loyal student of the Reverend Mary Baker G. Eddy, may, upon application, be received on probation for one year. At the expiration of that term, if this person has given satisfactory evidence to the First Mem- bers that he is worthy of membership, he shall be received into full fellowship.

Annual Meetings. The regular meet- ings of the Mother Church shall be held annually, on the first Tuesday in June of each year, begin- ning in June, These assemblies shall be for the purpose of listening to the reports of Treas- urer, Clerk, and Committees, and general reports from the Field. First Members' Meetings. The regular meetings of the First Members shall be held semi- annually, on the Saturday preceding the Commu- nion Sunday in June, and on the first Tuesday in November, of each year, beginning in Special Meetings. Eddy, or by an order from three First Members who are in good standing with this Church.

For this purpose he is authorized to use the mail service, also the telegraph and telephone wires if necessary. Called Only by Clerk. A member of the Mother Church, who is not the Clerk thereof, shall not appoint a meeting of the First Members. Only the Clerk appoints said meetings, and in accordance with the By-Laws of this Church. I, Mary Baker G.

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TKe Lesson-Sermon. Scientist, shall be repeated at their second service on Sunday. The subjects given in the International Series shall be discontinued. Article XIV. Order of Service. On each Communion Sunday, the Church Tenets shall be read from the pulpit. The following verse shall be sung as a doxology at the close of the Commu- nion Service in all churches of the Christian Science 'denomination : — " Be Thou, O God, exalted high I And as Thy glory fills the sky, So let it be on earth displayed — Tin Thou art here and now obeyed.

Therefore it is the duty of every member of this Church when publicly reading or quoting from the books or poems of our Pastor Emeritus, to first an- nounce the name of the author. Members shall also instruct their students to adopt the aforenamed method, for the benefit of our Cause. Article XVI. The Mother's Welcome.

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Mother wel- comes to her seats in the Church people, of what- ever sect or denomination, who come to listen to the Sunday sermon, and are not otherwise provided with seats. The Local Members' Welcome. It shall be the duty and privilege of the local members of the Mother Church to give their seats, if necessary, to strangers who may come to attend the morning services. Article XVII. Vacation shall commence after the last Sunday in July, and Church services shall be- resumed the first Sunday in September. Church Edifice a Testimonial.

Eddy their church edifice as a Testimo- nial of this Church's love and gratitude ; and she, with grateful acknowledgments thereof, declined to receive this munificent gift ; she now understands the financial situation between the Christian Science Board of Directors and said Church to be as fol- lows : — Financial Situation.

The Christian Science Board of Directors own the church edifice, with the land whereon it stands, legally; and the church members own the aforesaid premises and building, beneficially. After the Church was built, the bal- ance of the building funds which remained in the hands of the Directors, rightfully belonged to the Church, and not solely to the Directors.

The following indicates the proper management of the church funds : — l eport of Directors.

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It shall be the duty of the Christian Science Board of Directors to re- port annually the amount of church funds on hand, the amount of its indebtedness, and of its expendi- tures for the last year. Any gift made of the church funds shall require a majority vote of the First Members. Auditing of Books. The books of the Christian Science Board of Directors and of the Church Treasurer shall be audited annually at the written request of the Church, through a com- mittee on finance.

Duty of Finance Committee. Said com- mittee shall inform themselves annually as to the Church's financial matters, which are entrusted to the Board of Directors and to the Church Treasurer.

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If it be found that the church funds have not been properly managed, it shall be the duty of the First Members to require the Board of Directors and the CHURCH BY-LAWS 4 1 Treasurer to be individually responsible for the performance of their several offices satisfactorily, and for the proper distribution of the funds of which they are the custodians. God requires wis- dom, economy, and brotherly love to characterize all the proceedings of the members of the Mother Church, The First Church of Christ, Scientist, and I am glad to state, that the action of its honorable Board of Directors has given good evidence of their obedience to this requirement.

Provision for the Future. In case of any possible future deviation therefrom, it shall be the duty of the First Members to call a special meeting for the purpose of duly considering the questions relating thereto, and require the Committee on Finance to visit the Board of Directors, and, in a Christian spirit and manner, demand that each one shall comply with the vote of the First Members on this subject. If a Director refuses thus to do, he shall be dismissed from office, and the vacancy supplied by the Board.

Article XIX. Motive In Teaching;. Teaching Chris- tian Science shall not be a question of money, but of morals and religion, healing and uplifting the race. Care of Students.