The Sun-Tails Song (The Rim and the Shore)

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You go to move You got to go You go to be somebody You got to roll You got to stop You got to change You got to make a little money And be a little strange. You are the only one Who can make me feel the way that you do You are the only one Who can make me feel it too. Pretty girls They jump and shout Cops come running When I step out I get some money When they page me to the phone You know man cannot live on Empty principles alone.

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I say yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, Pretty little thing when you need a ride Pretty little thing I got the wheels outside. Manila-man got the machete Manila-man cut him down cold Die with the Balander boss on a lugger Could not have been more Than twelve years old. Teenage dreams Satin tresses Lie deserted all along the strand And the ferryman has poled his way off home Angels screamed In those evenings When I promised you my dying days And my heart hatched its treasons to run.

Quite at ease In an armchair Steaming coffee standing on my knee I can still hear you whispering when the fire sighs Rosaline How I have loved you With a careless kind of vanity As they turned you around And split us apart And like a fool I ran from the start And in the end they told much smoother lies. Shipping steel, shipping steel. Nobody knows, the way it feels Caught between Heaven and the Highway Shipping steel, shipping steel. All the laughter sorrow and pain Awakened deep inside Another time, another place When you were mine Though we will never see that again At times I wonder why Now I wonder Should I call your name.

I see your face Such a sight to behold Somewhere in the silence I will find you I know. Five grand down on her own piece of Eden And I know. And I know. All last night we were learning Drank our cheques by the bar Somewhere bridges were burning As the walls came down at the Star Squadcars fanned the insanity Newsteams fought through the crowd Spent last night under custody And the sun found me on the road.

Here lies a local culture Most nights were good, some were bad Between school and a shifting future It was most of all we had Those in charge are getting crazier Job queues grow through the land An uncontrolled Youth in Asia Gonna make those fools understand. Well her big mistake was Trying to break some Fun down in the corner We had the waitress on the table She was keen and able For a private show we corner Just a pretty little thing with a waist so thin Her knickers down around her knees When up runs Sal with a drink in her hand Chucked it all over our pretty little dream.

Makes his home in a mangrove tree Sleep plantation family White man planter, Bundaberg rum Childhood rattle, trumpet and drum. I took my baby to a movie show I took my baby to a movie show I took my baby to a movie show Saw a guy O.

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Take away temptation now From before my eyes Take away temptation now From before my eyes. Hostile city Running out the door again Pulled a big escape along Broadway The man came calling seven times today. And as the evening fell Around the old hotel The stranger left his dial-tone His place was gone In the game. This big old car, gonna take us home This big old car, gonna take us home Gonna take us home, to what we know so well This big old car, gonna take us home. This big old car, gonna take us home Gonna take us all the way and back However far we like to roam Gonna take us all the way to heaven Take us all the way to hell And then this big old car gonna get us home.

All last week, I was clutching at straws Facing the future, forcing the doors I got death in the hour, life on the run Or twenty more years under the gun.

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Standing on this intersection Yelling for my change Watching personalities Collapse and re-arrange Gotta smile about it Gotta surf it out or drown In the twentieth century. Let the K. I watch you slide out of bed When the night has gone I watch you tilt your head The earings go on. I look at all the years The chances I had I look at all the ways I always seemed to find For turning good into bad. Way down I? Oh, when the sun goes down When the sun goes down Oh, when the sun goes down When the sun goes down Oh, when the sun goes down Oh!

And when they shaft my brother dear And pay him off with lies I fill my hand with the Union card And aim between their eyes. Well, its the last call at the fag end Of the wrong bar at the bad end Of the wrong side of a dog town On a one way road that takes you down From a shit creek, and back again The doors swing open and they all come in From the arse end of a sick world A bus load of Yakuza girls. You got the money, I got the time Nothing better to do, so I might just change my mind. All Rights Reserved.

Website by chillybin. The trial was short the lovers had confessed, And the rope was tied and slipped around their necks And left the holy ground where they would never rest And not a tear was shed the night Lucretia left The hangman told her the truth, She could dance with the devil at the end of a noose She felt the pain inside from the very start, All hell broke Lucy, it tore her apart. My friend On and on the lazy river flows Stretching out beneath the burning sun Here we are standing in the road Each about to go our separate ways Each about to go our separate ways.

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Daskarzine Well Daskarzine, she was pretty bland As she stretched out in the corner of the room She was Oh! Crown Prosecutor Mr. Barnes — EMI Music. When the Sun Goes Down Oh! When the sun goes down Oh!

You got nothing I want You got nothing I need. Twitter follow ColdChisel. It should have been Buckley.

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Olympus explains that he altered it because he didn't want the Fitzroy men to have 'Buckley's chance'. A pair of close-fitting male swimming briefs made of stretch fabric. The Australian term is probably a variation of the international English grape smugglers for such a garment. The term is a jocular allusion to the appearance of the garment.

Budgie smugglers is first recorded in the late s.

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  5. For a more detailed discussion of the word see our Word of the Month article from December That, and a thin pair of Speedos so figure-hugging you can see every goosebump - flimsy togs that are known not-all-that-affectionately by us Brown boys as budgie smugglers! A kind of fine powdery dirt or dust, often found in inland Australia. Roads or tracks covered with bulldust may be a hazard for livestock and vehicles, which can become bogged in it.

    It is probably called bulldust because it resembles the soil trampled by cattle in stockyards. The word can also be used as a polite way of saying bullshit. Both senses of the word are first recorded in the s. This 'bull' dust might be about two feet deep, and cakes on the surface, so that it is hard to penetrate.

    I told him that nothing would get within a 'bull's roar' of Agricolo to interfere with him, and such was the case. The term is often found in this phrasal form where it now has several meanings: 'to be financially bankrupt, to come to nought; to fail, to collapse, to break down'. These figurative senses of bung emerged in the late 19th century. An amphibious monster supposed to inhabit inland waterways. Descriptions of it vary greatly. Some give it a frightful human head and an animal body.

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    Many descriptions emphasise its threat to humans and its loud booming at night. It inhabits inland rivers, swamps, and billabongs. The word comes from the Aboriginal Wathaurong language of Victoria. Bunyip is first recorded in the s. For a more detailed discussion of this word see the article 'There's a Bunyip Close behind us and he's Treading on my Tail' in our Ozwords newsletter. Venture an attempt; give something a try.

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    This is an Australian alteration of the standard English phrase give it a whirl. Give it a burl is first recorded in the early years of the 20th century. We'll give it a burl, eh? We wanted to give it a burl and see how it went.


    We'd do it again. What do you think this is, bush week? These senses of bush week go back to the early 20th century. The phrase originally implied the notion that people from the country are easily fooled by the more sophisticated city slickers. The speaker resents being mistaken for a country bumpkin. Glassop Lucky Palmer : I get smart alecks like you trying to put one over on me every minute of the day.