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It is the acceptance of Authority as originating from Below, which validates all legislation in the world today, through the counting of votes. Authority to legislate originates in a majority of votes on the part of registered voters, favoring candidates in an election.

There are a few Kings left in the world, but they are little more than beloved figure-heads, with no power at all.

1. The personal dimension

There may also be a few Dictators, but they find themselves ostracized, and they tend to have short lives. Kings used to rule absolutely, by Divine Right. On the other hand, elected governments come and go, as they respond to the whims of the voters. Presidents come into office, and leave after their terms expire.

The presence of the men and women in a Congress is transitory: policies that are validated by one Congress, are regularly rejected by a succeeding Congress. By their very nature, Governments around the world today are composed of elected individuals whose presence is transitory, and the political decisions of the Congresses cannot possibly lead to consistent and permanent legislation.

What is this mysterious Power, that silently overrides all elected Congresses of the world, and sees to it that no legislation can endanger its own interests?

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This Power is vested in the International Banks of the world. Presidents come and go, and are forgotten; legislators come and go, and are forgotten; ministers come and go, and are forgotten, but the International Banks remain; their personnel changes over time, but not their interests.

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All institutions tend to change to accommodate themselves to changes in the social institutions of the times. But not the International Banks. Thanks to the elimination of Kings and their royal right to create money, and their substitution with weak, vacillating Democracies around the world, the International Banks wormed their way into actual Sovereignty in the course of the 19th and 20th Centuries.

It is the International Banks that rule our world; Democratic governments are nothing more than decorative institutions to mask the true Authority, which resides in the International Banks. True to their function as the factual sovereigns of our world, the International Banks decide what is the money that the world shall use, and they themselves issue it as they think fit, to retain and increase their power. Of course, they do all this, for the ostensible purpose of improving the economic conditions of the multitudes.

History records that, in the past, there have been bad kings, and good kings — those who looked after the welfare of their subjects, so far as was in their ability to do so.

But International Banks are impersonal monsters, in that they have no regard at all for the interests of humanity: they care only for their own interest, which is to retain as much power as possible. The unrestricted greed of the International Banks will be their undoing, and will leave our world totally prostrated. This is the situation which we are facing, and the final consequence of having accepted the great falsity and wickedness of the theory that Authority comes from Below , which the world inherited from the French Revolution of This prediction is based on the historic facts regarding the inevitable demise of Democratic systems of government: over the course of all recorded history, Dictatorship has regularly arisen out of the ruins of Democracy — a fact noted by the Greek philosopher Aristotle, in the 4th Century B.

1. The personal dimension

A hint of the Dictatorship that will present itself in the US sooner or later, is perceivable in the autocratic and demagogic behavior of Donald Trump. He has recently expressed a desire to fire Jay Powell, head of the Federal Reserve, and Powell has told Trump that he does not have the Authority to fire him: the International Bankers are the true Authority in this world. The Dictator of the US may come to power in a managed election, where he may be declared the legitimately elected President.

However, he will soon begin to behave in a most un-presidential fashion. The first thing he will do, will be to remove the acting head, or heads, of the Armed Forces, and install himself in their place. Those removed will be quietly shot. The President will then name new military leaders, loyal to himself as supreme leader.

Or, we think of cult leaders who arrange marriages and demand that followers turn over all their assets to the cult and blindly follow orders. Even in less extreme situations, many Christians have had bad experiences with authoritarian pastors who wrongly lord it over the flock. They label anyone who speaks out as divisive or contentious. But they misunderstand true biblical authority. Let no one disregard you.

For the World to See You as an Authority, You Must First Become One in Your Own Backyard

But, we have the apostolic message in the New Testament, which states that elders are to rule in the churches and members are to submit 1 Thess. Thus we need proper understanding about the subject of biblical authority. Our text is saying,. But by stating it as he does, Paul brings out the fact that people who would not be so bold as to reject the Word can nonetheless dodge the pointed application of the Word to their lives by disregarding the man who teaches the Word.

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I want to make seven statements about biblical authority, based upon Titus and a few other texts. My purpose is to help you understand this important concept so that you will submit all of your life to God, who is the ultimate authority, and reap the blessings that come from a life of submission to Him. All authority on earth comes from the Sovereign of the universe. For there is no authority except from God, and those which exist are established by God. Therefore whoever resists authority has opposed the ordinance of God; and they who have opposed will receive condemnation upon themselves.

The Bible makes the same point in Daniel 4, where God humbles the proud Nebuchadnezzar. The chapter emphasizes Dan. Daniel had to tactfully, but directly, confront the proud Nebuchadnezzar about his sin. Later Daniel 5 , he directly confronted Belshazzar with his sin. In the local church, the Bible states that elders are not to lord it over those allotted to their charge, but rather to be examples to the flock 1 Pet.

If they do not repent, they should be removed from office and put under church discipline. We examined this when we studied Titus , so I will only mention it in passing here. Whenever the New Testament refers to the elders of a particular local church, it always uses the plural. The elders must submit to the Lord and be accountable to one another and to the church.

Thus, ultimate authority, even in practical matters, is vested in the Lord and in no one else. When authority is abused, it hurts those under authority. In such cases, God ultimately will judge the abuser. But when it is exercised properly, authority blesses and protects those under it. God has instituted several spheres of authority. Romans 13 establishes the authority of civil government , which is supposed to punish lawbreakers and protect those who obey the laws.

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The government should protect its citizens by passing and upholding just laws. When the government fails to do its job, the citizens suffer. If you get frustrated with the U. We looked at authority in the workplace several weeks ago, so will skip that here.

Why Do We Obey Authority? - The Milgram Experiments

Another sphere of authority is the local church. With some, just a word is all that is needed to get them back on the path. Others need stronger exhortation. Another sphere of authority is the family. Husbands are to love their wives and children, leading them into godliness by example and instruction.

Wives are to submit to their husbands as to the Lord Eph. If a husband is abusive to his wife or children, he should be confronted, first by the wife. If he continues, the elders of the church should get involved. If he is violating the civil law, then the government should be called in to protect the family. By the way, the Bible never commands the husband to be the head of the wife. Rather, it simply states that as a fact.

The command to husbands is to love your wife sacrificially, just as Christ loved the church. Put your focus there!