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They include mandating the death penalty for mass shooters, and what, if any, role violence in entertainment plays in encouraging mass shootings and what the federal government might do about it.

They have also been instructed by the president to examine options beyond legislation, including programs to help law enforcement identify people who are dangerous. In recent days, Mr.

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Ueland, who joined the White House in June as Mr. Manchin and Mr.

Toomey, according to two officials familiar with the talks. So far, the White House has not committed to any specific measures, the officials said, but added that Mr. Trump would not back a House bill, passed in February, extending background checks to all gun buyers. Republicans, including Mr. Toomey, view that measure as too expansive. The House bill requires background checks on nearly all purchases, with limited exceptions for sales between friends and family members, while Mr. Trump has said for the past week that he wants to expand background checks and that Mr.

McConnell is in favor of that as well. And he has not committed to a vote on a background check bill. In private conversations with Mr. Trump, Mr. McConnell has bluntly told the president that he will back such a move if the Republican Senate conference does, but that it is Mr.

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Trump who will have to nudge senators to support it. Adding to the uncertainty is the reality of Mr. Bernie Sanders said he's "healthy" and "feeling great" following his heart attack earlier this month.

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Tonight's debate marks his return to the campaign trail. Sanders, who is 78 years old, was asked how he can assure voters that he can handle the stress of the presidency. In response, he invited voters to attend campaign events and see him in person. Sanders then thanked those who wished him well during his recovery — including many of his rivals:. Buttigieg shot back:.

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Watch here:. Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren.

A moment later, Minnesota Sen. Some million people are covered by private plans sponsored by their employers, according to the latest Kaiser Family Foundation report.

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There are also tens of millions more who are covered by private plans through Medicare Advantage, Medicaid managed care plans and on the Obamacare individual market. All these people would have to change their health care under Medicare for All — but they would be covered by the federal plan instead. Castro said, as president, he would work with allies to stop the military aggression.